New Try It Video is Up!!

I have a series on my YouTube Channel called the Try It series where I am going to try different things on camera to show everyone!

This video is trying a mascara, lip liner, and liquid lipstick!!

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(**P.S. Giveaway coming very soon on my channel**)

Thanks for watching!!

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Have you tried any of the products I try out?

What did you think of it? or them?



What all I got in the Popcorn tin..

I have taught my husband how to bargain shop and save lots of money over the years!!
And it paid off big this year!!
He was able to create a popcorn tin full of makeup for me for Christmas! He went to the store a couple days before Christmas and saved a bunch of money getting the gift sets and clearance items, and did an awesome job getting stuff!!

Just wanted to share in case anyone was interested in what all was in the picture and blog I posted yesterday!

As you can see there are alot of different items and some are limited edition he also got me a KISS gift set that I will post as well(was not in the Popcorn tin)!

So excited to try these out and do some new videos on my channel!! Hoping to go to the store he got this stuff from and see if I can find something cool to do a Giveaway on my YouTube channel!! So, stay tuned to my blog to see when that will be coming (soon)!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Have you tried any of the porducts?
Which one (s)? Did you love or hate them?
What did you get for Christmas?



New Freebie Video is Up!!

My new video in my series called Freebies and Samples is up!!

It’s my  collection of freebies samples and I also have a box of samples that I need to get a video done for my 4th week of sample and freebies!!

I share what I got and where I got them!

So, if you want to see what I got and how to get them check out my video!!
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My Christmas Gift from my Husband was…

My Christmas Gift from my husband was….

a big popcorn tin full of makeup!!

there were 27 items total in the tin (some were palettes with other items in them too)!!

How amazing is that?!?

What was your FAVORITE gift you got?!?

Picture of what I saw when I opened it below, and swatches, videos, reviews, and so on coming soon!!

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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


Merry Christmas

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, safe travels, and to have a Happy New Year!!
Hope you and your family have a beautiful day filled with joy, love, and food!! 😉
Hope you got the gifts you wanted, if you have kids that they got what they wanted and more, and your family got what they wanted too!!
I know Christmas isn’t about the presents but I do hope that everyone got something nice regardless!! 🙂
If you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you have a Happy Holiday (for whichever holiday to celebrate)!!


“Naked 5” Ebay Palette

This review will be much like the one for the 4 and all of the colors were swatched without primer as are most of my swatches unless otherwise stated.

Like the other palette (“Naked 4”) there is no denying it’s a fake as there is no actual Urban Decay Naked 5 pallete. That doesn’t keep me from liking this palette for its colors!
This palettes downfalls for me are that they do not have color names for each color, but I do love the color range of this palette.

Which of these color(s) are your favorite?
Which ones would you like to see for a makeup look?

Like the “Naked 4” the swatching took a few swipes to get the color to show like I swatched, but that won’t bother me it will just take more work on my eyes to build the color.
Another good thing is that these colors blend well but if you don’t like shimmers you won’t like this palette because all but one (the black) was a shimmer color.

Comment below of you have any questions, and stay tuned for a makeup look/ further review once I use this pallete!







“Naked 4” Ebay Palette

So, obviously there is no real Naked 4 that I know of quite yet, but this is a palette off of Ebay and here below will be a first impression/swatches until I have a moment to apply them for a look.
First thing I have to say is my packaging for this looked nice but then on the back had no color names or anything relative to making any sense. Then my actual palette was dented so that was a little sad for me!
But then I opened it and the colors are so beautiful at the first glance! 🙂
The smell of these are just a normal makeup type smell nothing strong and nothing bad.

As I was doing swatches many of these colors needed applying/swatching on my arm quite a few times to show which doesn’t bother me it will just require a little more work with application for an eye look.
The shadows were very soft but some were I think the word that I’m looking for is clumpy but they smeared out just took a little more work (if that makes sense).
Lastly I wanted to point out that none of the colors have names labeled on the packaging or anywhere so that was disappointing for me because it makes it hard to share tutorials without color names but it’s ok.
Overall I like it and I cannot with to try this palette to create some cool looks very soon.
Lots of changes I would personally make but overall not bad for the cheap price!

Which color(s) are your favorite?
My favorite color is the first one that is an orangey color by my wrist tattoo, makes me think of Fall 🙂
Have you tried this palette or seen it on ebay?
Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!