Brows..Important or Not??

Are Brows important to you or not? Why?

A few months ago o never waxed my brows, or even worried about filling them in or anything!!

So what happened?

Well I went to a beauty school where they were letting students practice on you and the service would be Free of charge so I decided to give it a try!

And OMG I feel in love they looked so much cleaner as I just had them waxed a little to clean them up!

Then I joined Tyra Beauty and found the Ménage A Brow and OMG it completly changes your face when you fill in the natural brows you have!!

I will try to add in a picture soon of half of my favorite done (brow) and the other side undone (just normal)

What are your thoughts?!? What products do you use?

I’ll have to try some other eyebrow products as well but I am loving my Ménage A Brow for now!!

Here are some pictures where I did my eyebrows and look how it just cleans up my look and frames my face ❤


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