My First Palette and Swatches

This was my first ever large palette purchase!! I fell in love with the pigmentation and the creaminess of these shadows!! They blend so easily and so beautifully!! ❤ ❤

Have you ever tried any of the Kat Von D eyeshadows?

What are your favorite shadow brands?

What was your first Palette you ever purchased?


Pictured is my arm with the swatches =D

Here are the Colors

Entomology (matte cream)

Telepathy (pearl gold)

Tiny Death (glitter cream)

Wrath (deep pearl orange)

Papilio (pearl chocolate)

Summerfly (glitter gold)

Killing Jar (pearl copper)

Delaney (pearl silver)

Vanish (matte taupe)

Disintegration (pearl brown)

Shadow Box (matte chocolate)

Deadhead (matte black)

Which color(s) are your favorite(s)?


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