So Exciting!!

I am so excited because I now have 8 subscribers!!

That may not seem like a lot but that means that I have 8 people that like and follow my videos!!

My videos are what I pour my heart into doing, and it is so exciting to have this start!!

When it finally grows a little more I will be able to do little Giveaways to thank my fans, and that will be so fun!!

So excited for where I am, and where I want to go!!

No I may not be YouTube Famous and probably will not ever be, but I love what I have learned from myself by doing my YouTube Channel!

Believe it or not I used to be very shy, sometimes I still am.

BUT when I do my videos it helps me to feel better about myself, and more confident!!

And that is why I do it!!

Do you have a YouTube Channel too?

Let me know and I will subscribe to yours if you subscribe to mine!

I love checking out new channels!

Click Here to Check Out My Channel!!


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