Christmas Tree..Real or Fake?!?

Do you put up a tree every year? Why or why not?

Do you buy a real one or do you put up the same fake one every year? Why?!?

The last 2 years I have not put up a tree and it’s because instead of doing Christmas at home we go other places to have more family around.

For instance last year we went to my husbands parents house spent the 24th there and the morning of the 25th and then went to Visit other family!

This year we are going to spend it with my family first and then the rest of the day with his family and then end the evening with our friends 🙂

Every year though since 2000 (so for 15 years) we as a family go to the same tree farm pick out a tree and cut it down, take it home, and decorate it!! It’s a tradition and a fun experience every year even though I am never the one buying a tree LOL!!

Anyone else visit tree farms?!? Why do you do it or why don’t you?

Pictured is the tree we got this year for my sister and

everyone decorated it together 🙂



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