Smoky Smize

The Smize Envy Duo (from Tyra Beauty Line)

(1-4 is the palette which can be used wet or dry) 5 is the Super Smize Eye Highlighter!!

1. Highlight Shade- light ’em up
2. Blaze
3. Exhale
4. Drama Shade- Smolder
5. HypnoTy
Click the link below to check these out on Tyra Beauty site!!


These colors are so smooth and blend-able and just gorgeous!!

This palette has so many options to what you can create with it!!

Below is me pictured with a look I created with the Smoky Smize Palette!!

I LOVE it!! It is my Go-To Everyday Palette!!

Do you have a palette like that?

Which one is it? 

**Side note- I am also obsessed with my Lip Model lipstick in the color “What It Takes” pictured below!!**



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