Ebay Palette (“Naked 3”)

I have to say that I am so impressed with my new palette(s) that I got off of Ebay. They worked so hard to make this look like the real thing. What do you think? 

I mostly bought them out of curiousity, and a little because I have a makeup obsession LOL.

The colors in this palette are not what I normally go for but I am super excited to try this palette soon. When I switched themail colors they are very beautiful, smooth, and I am hoping they blend well, and ate long lasting  (with eye primer on as well).

I will do a review of each palette I have gotten when I try them, and of course I will post a picture of the look created with the palette.

I love the names they give the colors on these palettes, they are cool and creative (in my opinion)! I just don’t like when colors are numbered,not named, I feel like naming the colors makes it feel more fun and more perosnal.

What do you think?!? 

Do you agree, disagree, and why?!? 

The colors for this palette will be listed below starting with the darkest color right below my wrist tattoo and bracelet.













Which color(s) do you like the most?!? 



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