Trying Homemade Hair Mask

Last night I tried the homemade hair mask, and it was an interesting experience. LOL

The ingredients of the hair mask are

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp olive oil

1 tsp honey

1-2 eggs (I used 2 because I have alot of hair)

Plastic to put on hair for 30-60 mins(I used plastic wrap)


I did this mask because my hair is badly damaged from bleaching. I put the mask in and it was a little messy but wasn’t too bad.

Then I cleaned up the mess and then wrapped my hair with the plastic wrap, and put a towel around my neck to make sure I didn’t make a mess on my couch.

I was busy watching a movie after I put it in so I left it in for 2 hours lol. When I went to go wash it out my hair felt a little stiff from all the ingredients being in my hair for 2 hours.

I just washed my hair with shampoo and condition and it all came out easily.

My hair feels smoother, shiny, and looks healthier to me but I will do it a few more times and post a review of what I think and how it works more in the long term. My husband said my hair feels better than it did too!! Looks better based on the pictures below too, in my opinion!

Got this idea from this link below


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