Graze Un-Boxing #2-New Video!

My kids and I have done it again!!

We got our second box, which we chose to do the 8 snack subscription monthly (there are a few different options)!

We are having so much fun with this subscription, its so yummy but some flavors/snacks are hit or miss!! ❤ Luckily, you can tell them what you liked and did not like for future boxes!! AWESOME!!

I LOVE the confidence my kids have in front of the camera too!! Took me awhile to get that comfortable, you know??!

For more information check out our YouTube video for our Graze Un-Boxing Series and/or check out with Coupon Code GQYHWW4B for a FREE sample box!!

If you check out our video please like, subscribe, or comment because the kiddos love to hear what everyone thinks of our videos =)

I will provide the link to our video below!


Thanks Y’all, and Have a Beautiful Week!!



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