“Naked 4” Ebay Palette

So, obviously there is no real Naked 4 that I know of quite yet, but this is a palette off of Ebay and here below will be a first impression/swatches until I have a moment to apply them for a look.
First thing I have to say is my packaging for this looked nice but then on the back had no color names or anything relative to making any sense. Then my actual palette was dented so that was a little sad for me!
But then I opened it and the colors are so beautiful at the first glance! 🙂
The smell of these are just a normal makeup type smell nothing strong and nothing bad.

As I was doing swatches many of these colors needed applying/swatching on my arm quite a few times to show which doesn’t bother me it will just require a little more work with application for an eye look.
The shadows were very soft but some were I think the word that I’m looking for is clumpy but they smeared out just took a little more work (if that makes sense).
Lastly I wanted to point out that none of the colors have names labeled on the packaging or anywhere so that was disappointing for me because it makes it hard to share tutorials without color names but it’s ok.
Overall I like it and I cannot with to try this palette to create some cool looks very soon.
Lots of changes I would personally make but overall not bad for the cheap price!

Which color(s) are your favorite?
My favorite color is the first one that is an orangey color by my wrist tattoo, makes me think of Fall 🙂
Have you tried this palette or seen it on ebay?
Thanks for reading have a beautiful day!








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