“Naked 5” Ebay Palette

This review will be much like the one for the 4 and all of the colors were swatched without primer as are most of my swatches unless otherwise stated.

Like the other palette (“Naked 4”) there is no denying it’s a fake as there is no actual Urban Decay Naked 5 pallete. That doesn’t keep me from liking this palette for its colors!
This palettes downfalls for me are that they do not have color names for each color, but I do love the color range of this palette.

Which of these color(s) are your favorite?
Which ones would you like to see for a makeup look?

Like the “Naked 4” the swatching took a few swipes to get the color to show like I swatched, but that won’t bother me it will just take more work on my eyes to build the color.
Another good thing is that these colors blend well but if you don’t like shimmers you won’t like this palette because all but one (the black) was a shimmer color.

Comment below of you have any questions, and stay tuned for a makeup look/ further review once I use this pallete!








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