What all I got in the Popcorn tin..

I have taught my husband how to bargain shop and save lots of money over the years!!
And it paid off big this year!!
He was able to create a popcorn tin full of makeup for me for Christmas! He went to the store a couple days before Christmas and saved a bunch of money getting the gift sets and clearance items, and did an awesome job getting stuff!!

Just wanted to share in case anyone was interested in what all was in the picture and blog I posted yesterday!

As you can see there are alot of different items and some are limited edition he also got me a KISS gift set that I will post as well(was not in the Popcorn tin)!

So excited to try these out and do some new videos on my channel!! Hoping to go to the store he got this stuff from and see if I can find something cool to do a Giveaway on my YouTube channel!! So, stay tuned to my blog to see when that will be coming (soon)!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Have you tried any of the porducts?
Which one (s)? Did you love or hate them?
What did you get for Christmas?




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