Trying an App (Cute) Mini-Haul

I ordered alot of things from 3 different apps of cheap products from far off places lol!
I am excited to see which one shows up first.
Now each app I ordered quite a few things and all were from different sellers but I am anxious to see how fast they ship, how well there rating system is, and what they do if I have a problem (have had issues when ordering from other countries).
This post is about my order from the app
From there I ordered
Velveteen nude liquid lipstick
10 gold eye mask sets
**Free gift- blender on stick- I had to pay $1 for the shipping**
5 eyeshadow brushe set
7 Gold rings set (mini rings)
Foundation Brush

All of this from this site was still less than $12
And I got the free gift!!

I will keep yall posted of what items I get and in which order in case you are curious of ordering from these 3 apps yourself!!
Stay tuned!! (And I will do a video for each mini-haul on my YouTube Channel)!



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