Got 3 more items (Cute and AliExpress)

Got 3 more items from my order today.
2 are from Cute  (Brushes and eyelid patches)
And the other is from AliExpress  (earrings).
My only issue was that in order the gold patches and I got the crystal ones but I am just going to keep them rather than dispute over a dollar or so.
Trying the earrings on in a few after I clean them (sterilize them), and the brushes seem really nice I will have to try them in a future video.
The patches I will probably try later in the week (as I am not feeling well today).
Going to do videos once I get everything, I know I am just waiting for one item from Cute  (liquid lipstick) and then I will do a Cute mini haul on my channel!
So stay tuned
Not sure how much I have left from AliExpress  (I’ll have to check).
Here they are pictured below!
Have you tried any of these?
What did you think?


Christina  (FierceGlamMom)


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