Cache Alaska Phone Case Review

What I liked the most about this case is that it is what I call a heavy duty case because it can endure more damage to the case than just a plain thin cutesy case. #note5protection

I absolutely love that it came with the tempered glass screen protector because I have never used one (but for sure needed it)!! Both pieces (the tempered glass protector and the case) were very easy to install on my Note 5 (love the ease). That might sound silly but my last phone case I was not able to put on nor take off (my husband had to do it for me). It fit on my phone perfectly (unlike my last case I got online). I also LOVE the kickstand on this because I watch a lot of YouTube videos so I normally have to hold my phone up or lean it (and watch it occasionally fall) but thanks to this case I don’t have to do anything but kick out this simple to use kickstand to hold my phone up for me. I like the Shock Proof Dual Layer Hybrid Design but wasn’t too thrilled with the Textured Pattern Gunmetal Grip but I like the way the case functions (and keeps my phone protected) that it doesn’t hinder me from using this case. I would definitely say this is a good case if you are looking for heavy duty good protection for your Note 5!
**I was given a coupon code to get and review this product with a discount or for free, but all of the review (and pictures) are from my personal experience and are my true and honest opinion (if there was anything I did not like I let you know above).**

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