Sound Intone CX-05 Headphones Review

These ‪#‎headphones‬ look nice and are pretty comfortable! These headphones are called supra aural head phones (sit on your ear rather over the ear which sit around your ear). Which means they might not work so well for you if you wear earrings often because it would be super uncomfortable to wear while using this (but I just took my earrings out). The quality of these headphones are so great I love so many things about these!! The ear cushions are very soft and comfortable on my ears for long periods of time (editing my YouTube videos or binge watching other videos). The head band on these also has a decent cushion for the top of your head although I wish it had been a little softer, but the look on the headband is sleek and nice and they are still comfortable for my long term usage. The earpieces and the extenders are pure metal which speaks for the durability of this headphones which is one of my favorite things about these headphones. Easy to use, love the cord on this which is like a braided cord (that looks and kind of feels like a paracord- but rougher). These headphones are amazing quality, very affordable (in my opinion) for the look and quality of the headphones (sound and all)!! **I received this product for free or at a deep discount in exchange for an honest review- all opinions (and pictures) are from my personal experience with this product**
Amazon Link below to check these out

Amazon Link Here

or you can check out my video review by clicking the link below

My YouTube Video Review


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