So excited to do a Giveaway to celebrate my Birthday next month!! Nothing like giving back to my subbies for my Birthday!! Yay!! #mybirthdaygiveaway618
Enter the Giveaway with the link below!!

Click ME!!
Giveaway Information
1. Must be a Subscriber
2. Enter Through Gleam (Link in box below)
3. Must be 18+ (or have permission)
4. US Only (Will do international soon I hope)
This Giveaway is for the 19 items in the video PLUS I am going to
try to find a makeup bag to add to this too

My Giveaway Video is HERE!!

Giveaway Items!!
1. Orange Polka Dot Deco/Washi Tape
2. Blue Polka Dot Deco/Washi Tape
3. French Braid Tool W/Directions
4. Bun Sponge
5. Cat Eye Sunglasses W/Fabric Holder
6. Tattoo Jewelry (Bracelets)
7. Tattoo Jewelry (Stars and Such)
8. Silicone Ring
9. TuVous Serendipity Necklace
10. Early Morning Bath Bomb
11. Dr.Brandt Pores No More Cleanser
12. Lollia Shea Butter Hand Crème
13. Eye Gel
14. Jelly PongPong Gel Highlight
15. Gel Toe Separators
16.  Eyebrow Stencil Set
17. Milani Shadow (Purple)
18. Eyeshadow Brush
19. Physicians Formula Set (Bronzer+Shimmer Shadow)
20. **Going to try to find a cute makeup bag for you** -Found Perfect bag-
TuVous Items

Check Out TuVus Items Here!



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