Luv Michael Granola Review

First off I just want to say that this brand, their mission, and their granola are so AMAZING (in my opinion) and let me share a little about why I think this!! #LuvMichael #sharetheLuv

Their mission

“is to provide meaningful vocational training for the autistic population and to produce exceptional gluten-free and natural products. Luv Michael educates, trains and employs individuals with autism. Every bag of Luv Michael Original Granola is hand mixed in small batches and packed with LUV by individuals with autism.”

As a person with a disability myself I think that this is an amazing and beautiful!!

Next I want to share my experience with this product itself. The packaging is very nice, sleek, simple, and still informative enough (and I like that). Next the quality. The bag is nice quality and the granola and the ingredients for this product are amazing high quality organic ingredients and you taste that in every bite. Not only is it made with “LUV” but you can taste the quality in each and every bite (for me). The craziest part of this is that I had my kids all 3 try this too and they ALL 3 LOVED it (and they don’t like anything) so I was completely floored. I love that this granola is so tasty, flavorful, just sweet enough, and it is organic so its an amazing snack for everyone in my home!!

Luv Michael sent me 1 full size bag of Luv Michael organic granola and I wasn’t sure I would like it but I am so glad that I tried it, and I truly recommend trying this as it taste good, and supports an AWESOME company!!

Here is a little more information about the product

“At Luv Michael, we create snackable, granola using the finest organic ingredients. Every bite delivers just the right amount of yum and crunch to give you a tasty, healthy way to get through your day. Each batch is hand mixed and packed by hard working individuals with Autism who we like to refer to as our “Granologists.” By empowering “Granologists” with living wages and independent life skills, we are able to deliver a product that tastes good and does good too.”

Click HERE to go to the LuvMichael site

Click HERE to go to their Facebook Page!

Click HERE to go to thier Instagram!

My family and I LOVED this granola snack and I think you will too!!

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XOXOXO Christina



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