My Current Skin Care Routine- New Moisturizer

Started my day with these 5 steps ♡♡ Love how my skin is looking lately thanks to these bad boys and so exited to see my long term results of these products ♡♡ #glow #raidiance #skincare #naturalskincare #antiaging #beauty #beautyblogger #valentianatural #blamtastic #saveskins

#1 Sulfate-free, foaming, cleanser (4 oz) removes makeup, redness & exfoliates. Natural alpha hydroxy acids renew cells.
#2 Rebalance toner (4 oz) refines pores. Disinfects for clear skin.
#3 Prevent lotion (1 oz) plant stem cell technology & time-released micro-spheres to clarify, hydrate, exfoliate & remove fine lines.
#4 Powerful antioxidant serum (1 oz) reduces hyper pigmentation & dark spots, brightens skin, improves texture & ton

The final step I use is Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer to give my skin hydration, work on evening my skin tone, can help lighten any dark spots I have, and I can use this day and night as a moisturizer (which I do). This moisturizer has ginseng in it to boosts skin-firming collagen, fight wrinkles, and energize my skin for a brighter and rejuvenated look! I use this every night before bed and in the morning when I wake and I LOVE the way all 5 of these natural skin care products make my face feel and how they are all already making my face look and feel way better than it did when I first started using these, and I cannot wait to see my long term results of use!!
(*side note I have 5 items of the Valentia skin care line and I LOVE their products- check out my IG FierceGlamMom to see some of my posts*)

Great skincare products that i would recommend if you are looking for some good products to try! Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Click HERE to check out the Blamtastic Set

Click HERE to see Valentia Moisturizer

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–I received this product on a promotional discount or for free for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions and pictures from my own experience with this product. I received no compensation for this review and I am in no way required to give a good review. I only received the product in exchange for my opinion (good or bad). I am also not associated with the seller in any way. I got the set quite awhile back (months) and the moisturizer is newer.–

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XOXOXO Christina


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