Gigamons Review

This #blueorangegames Gigamons is so super cute, adorable, and makes a really fun (but still different) memory game.

It’s like playing a memory game but better (and so much more fun). I like playing this with my kiddos (ages 8- boy, and age 6- girl) and we all 3 think this game is so cute and so fun. We LOVE the different Gigamons they are so neat.

It is a memory game but to make it different each Gigamon has special powers, you have to be the first person to “summon” 3 Gigamons to win. To “summon” a Gigamon you have to find 3 of a kind of the elemons (you discard them) and you can summon the same element of the Gigamon. If that makes sense, and there is much more to the game but it comes with cutely illustrated and easy to use directions.

We absolutely loved trying a new game and so glad we did and got this one because it is so fun!! It doesn’t take long at all to play, it’s very unique, and it’s neat because it is a memory game but not boring like most memory games (in my opinion after 3 kids and lots of the same memory game LOL). All of the pieces in this game are made with a very thick type of cardstock and look like they will last quite a while so I am very impressed with the colors and quality of the pieces (see my pictures). This game set comes with 43 Elemons Tiles (6 of each kind), 7 Gigamon Figures, 3 Rock Tokens, 4 Reference Cards (very handy), and illustrated Rules (so adorable).

This is a really neat little game and I definitely recommend it!!

–I received this product on a promotional discount or for free for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions and pictures from my own experience with this product. I received no compensation for this review and I am in no way required to give a good review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.-

Click HERE to see the game on Amazon!

XOXOXO Christina


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