My First Palette and Swatches


This was my first ever large palette purchase!! I fell in love with the pigmentation and the creaminess of these shadows!! They blend so easily and so beautifully!! ❤ ❤

Have you ever tried any of the Kat Von D eyeshadows?

What are your favorite shadow brands?

What was your first Palette you ever purchased?


Pictured is my arm with the swatches =D

Here are the Colors

Entomology (matte cream)

Telepathy (pearl gold)

Tiny Death (glitter cream)

Wrath (deep pearl orange)

Papilio (pearl chocolate)

Summerfly (glitter gold)

Killing Jar (pearl copper)

Delaney (pearl silver)

Vanish (matte taupe)

Disintegration (pearl brown)

Shadow Box (matte chocolate)

Deadhead (matte black)

Which color(s) are your favorite(s)?

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**Special Announcement**


My special announcement is that I am now an affiliate with dodolashes  (click to see their Instagram)!!

This is so exciting for me!! I LOVE these lashes and I will attach pictures of the ones I got on this blog and they are also on my Instagram (FierceGlamMom)!!

Some people get paid with gum (Trident Layers LOL) but I get paid with lashes, how fun is that!!

I also get my own coupon code for my followers!! The code is “FierceGlamMom” and it will save you even more off of the already super affordable lashes!! Most of the sets are just $5 and they are beautiful and soft mink lashes!

Have you tried these before? What did you think?

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Click HERE to see the set that I have on!!


I am wearing them in this video!!


XOXOXO Christina

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MY PURE Review

Everything about this ordering experience was amazing!!
From the packaging (which looked like a present on Christmas day), to the 4 samples they sent as a bonus,

to the stunning Perfume I received (which smells awesome- my husbands new favorite on me EVER).

This company, .fragrance outlet, is awesome!! They shipped fast, provided an amazing quality product, and offer an amazing description of the said fragrances you are looking at which is perfect if you know what types of notes you prefer in your fragrances, and it is perfect for gift giving – already wrapped and ready to go when it arrives!

The fragrance I ordered was the MY PURE EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY FOR WOMEN . and it is a very clean and beautiful smell that my husband and I both LOVE (his new favorite EVER that I have worn)!! The notes of this perfume are

  • Top Notes: Plum and Iris
  • Middle Notes: Bulgarian rose and Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Amber and Vetiver

Their description of this is “My Pure has a definite seductive appeal and catches attention instantly. Ideal for evening wear.” and I agree this smells so amazing, I LOVE it!! I also LOVE how long it lasts a shirt I wore a day ago that I was moving from my hamper to the washer still smells amazing from the spritz of this perfume, WOW!!

Lastly I want to share a little about Fragrance Outlet, They have a wide range of Exclusive Fragrances for both men and women and other products such as body lotions and body sprays too.

Each of their fragrances are selected by a team of experts that are looking to provide top quality fragrances for us (the customers). They even have a number of unique fragrances for men and women that are sold exclusively only by Fragrance Outlet, how neat is that. They look at what we (the customers) like to buy, what kinds of fragrances we prefer and keep updating their selection accordingly on a regular basis, which I think is very smart and necessary to keeping the fragrances current, on trend, and up to date with what we (the customers) will actually buy again and again. *POWERED BY BRANDBACKER*

I definitely recommend this particular perfume but if the notes aren’t the types you prefer they have so much more available, so I would definitely check the site out to find great gifts or even just a good perfume for yourself. Check out the links below!!

Store Locator- CLICK HERE

Fragrance Outlet Online- CLICK HERE


XOXOXO Christina


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#Leonal scarf

I love this #Leonal scarf it is very thin so can be worn for all seasons, and even though it is a mens scarf I really like it and I personally use it myself.

Got this for my husband but I really like it so I wear it all the time instead LOL.

I think it is a very unisex scarf as anyone could wear it. It is a very nice scarf and I got the plaid one (there is also a grey plain one).

I really like this scarf it is very good quality, looks nice (see picture of me with it on below), and I definitely recommend it for anyone.
Link below to check this scarf out on Amazon
CLICK HERE to see on Amazon

–I received this product on a promotional discount or for free for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions and pictures from my own experience with this product. I received no compensation for this review and I am in no way required to give a good review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.–

XOXOXO Christina


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I LOVE this #apalusstraightener !!
It is so nice, so easy to use, and works great. It heated up in no time and even has suggested temperatures in the manual for your hair (which I appreciated as a beginner). Mine was 365℉(180ºc) for delicate colored fine hair. Love the colors of it (black and red), the fiberglass fabric heating plate helps for moisture lock and uniform heating, and the Auto Key Lock System Applied if No Key Clicks in 5 Seconds to Prevent Misuse of the Control Keys!!
I LOVE this straightener and immediately threw my old crappy cheap one away right after I got this one!! None of my hair was pulled out and my hair didn’t feel damaged after use. This was so easy to use, heated up to the temp I needed within a minute, and literally took me less than 5 minutes to straighten my hair. Comes with awesome goodies too like storage case, clips (2), and glove!! How awesome is that! This would make an awesome gift to any girl that needs one of these (or that has a cheapo one that doesn’t work well).
I LOVE this straightener and I definitely recommend it!!

–I received this product on a promotional discount or for free for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions and pictures from my own experience with this product. I received no compensation for this review and I am in no way required to give a good review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.—

Click HERE to see on Amazon!!

XOXOXO Christina