Botanical Lipstick (SUGAR PLUM) Review

I as very impressed with this #Skin2SpiritLipstick  and I loved the little selection of colors so much so that it was hard for me to pick one color to try. I finally decided to try the color Sugar Plum and I am so glad that I did because this color is just so beautiful!! What I love the most is that these lipsticks are not only natural, organic, and non toxic but that it is so moisturizing and so comfortable to wear!!
I absolutely adore how creamy and moisturizing this lipstick is!
Definitely one of the best I have used.
It comes in a cute drawstring olive color mesh bag.
It is so awesome that this lipstick is natural and organic and includes ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil which altogether smells AMAZING!!
Also, it is lead free, non-toxic, cruelty free, began, phyhalate free, and petroleum free.
I ordered the color sugar plum, and it looks exactly as it does in the product photos only better no picture can capture the beautiful color this lipstick is!!
Color is hard to describe but it is a pinky brownish with a bit of shimmer which are gorgeous for fall and winter seasons!!
It has a metallic like finish to it on my lips that is very on trend right now!!
It also very pigmented the hand swatch I pictured below is only one light swipe and it just barely take any at all to fully cover my lips (pictured below as well-my lips with this color on)!! The pigmentation and color are just amazing and match with the price (for me) for sure!! I am LOVING this Sugar Plum lipstick!!
Now I want to get all of the colors, next I will probably get Cherry Plum!!
 As far as how long it lasts I can’t review that part because I do not wear lipsticks for long (I just take them off before I eat and then reapply when I am done.
I couldn’t love this lipstick any more than I do and I am picky with lipsticks!!
The price is higher than most lipsticks in the drugstore but that is because you are getting better quality and just a better product and I personally have paid more for lipsticks ($26) so the price seems fair (in my opinion).
This is an awesome lipstick and I definitely recommend it.
**I got the for free to share an honest review and in no way had to give this a good review, just had to share my thoughts and experience with this product. All opinions above (and photos) are mine.**

XOXOXO Christina


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