1 Good Thing Every Week Of 2017- #4

I want to challenge myself and post one good thing that happens to me every week of 2017. Every week I will post this same post but I will add the next week and the previous week will be under it. (such as week 4, 3,2,1) so you can scroll done to see the previous weeks. Then, at the end of the year, I am going to do a YouTube video on my YouTube channel and share all of 2017 good things that happened!

Week four- Jan 22-Jan 28- I got a sweet Christmas gift from my YT friend  NayNayLovesMakeup

Week three-Jan 15-Jan 21- My oldest daughter got her hearing aid and I made my first sale on my Legging Army site

Week two- Jan 8- Jan 14- My husband danced with me when we were home alone (both rarely happen) but it was so sweet

Week one- Jan 1- Jan 7- I won 2 giveaways (starting the year off lucky)


Let me know what was 1 good thing about your week too!! 

XOXOXO Christina


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