HASK Greek Yogurt Collection

Today I want to share my opinion/experience with the HASK Greek Yogurt Blueberry & Acai Collection (only available at Walgreens)!!

I received my samples to review in a cute canvas bag that read ” Sure, life isn’t PERFECT, but my HAIR is. XOXO, HASK”. How cute is that!!!

My initial impression is that it has a light berry scent (not too strong) and the packaging is very cool with the greek esthetic!


Then I tried the shampoo and conditioner and I was BLOWN away!!

The reason I say that is that for the first time EVER the shampoo made my hair feel clean and soft (before I even used the conditioner)!! That has never happened with anything and I was pleasentaly suprised and impressed!

Then I used the conditioner and it made my hair even softer (and my hair needs the moisture)!!

The scent was pleasant and my husband didn’t mind it when we laid down to sleep that night (he said it smelled nice)!!

I am definitely interested in trying the other collections they have as well (which are the Gig & Honey and the Pomegranate & Cranberry collections).

Right now they are even on sale at Walgreens: $7.49 for the shampoo, $7,49 for the conditioner, and the deep condition packs are priced at each store (not sure the price yet as I haven’t checked yet) !! I think it is very neat how the two parts of each come together to clean and smooth my hair!

I would definitely buy this when I run out (or try one of the others)!! I highly recommend this collection based on my experience with my damaged hair, and I cannot wait to see how well it works with my hair with long term use!!

Link below to check out the collections online!!

Click HERE to go see!!

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XOXOXO Christina


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