What is Tophatter??

What is Tophatter??

It is a neat app that you can download on your phone and then you are able to bid on (live auction) or buy different items such as Clothing, Purses, Jewelry, Bed & Bath, Makeup & Skincare, Electronics, and MORE!!

You can also share the app with your friends and earn rewards, how neat is that (you get $10 for each friend that joins and they receive $10 off their first order)!!

My link is below if you want to check it out (I recommend it)!!

Click HERE!

Like I said you can either bid on items or you can just buy them for the price listed (shows price and shipping cost).

I received 2 $10 credits so I used them to try both ways!

For my first purchase, I bought a Smart Watch for $6 with $6 shipping  ($12 total) so with my $10 credit I only paid $2 for the Smart Watch (pictured below). How awesome is that!?!

The app is great with staying on top of the tracking and I got my watch on March 1st and I ordered it on February 18th, so that’s not bad at all!! Got it quicker than I even thought I would.


For my second order I did the live bidding (auction) and I won a 8.2 INCH MOBILE VIDEO SCREEN AMPLIFIER and then it provided an OFFER at checkout to buy another one for cheaper (so I did) so the total of this order was I won the bid for $1 with $6 shipping and got another for an additional $10 so the total was $17.

With my $10 credit that made my order only $7 for 2 Mobile Video Amplifiers!!

I have not received these yet but the tracking says I should get them by between March 15-17 so I do not have a photo of this yet. 

This is a very cool app and I recommend checking it out to check out the cool deals they have!

The only thing I didn’t know when I first used the app is that you have to pay for the order before you can order anything else (so you cannot buy multiple items and then pay for them together- unless you do the offers at checkout).

So if you can use a credit if $10 with a purchase of $10 or more just make sure your order will be $10 or more with shipping before you bid or buy anything trying to use $10 credit (if that makes sense)!!!

Have you ever heard of this or used this app?

If you check it out definitely let me know, I’d love to hear what cool deals you find too!!

Below is the link to Tophatter

Click HERE!!

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XOXOXO Christina


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