Grain Natural Essence Mask- Mini Review

Got this mask from @skin18com and it was ok ♡
Didn’t have a strong scent but it had a scent (I can’t place it but it wasn’t bad or good to me), didn’t irritate my skin and the 3D fit was different but nothing that I was super impressed with.
It was a little messy bit that’s no issue to me and after 30 mins I took it off and it didn’t leave my skin tacky or sticky.
Left my skin feeling clean and slightly softer ♡ This one is for nutrition and revitalization and I have no doubt this mask did that it just wasn’t my favorite mask I have ever used ♡
In the next day or so I will be sharing my review of the Olive mask that is like this one ♡
Have you tried Skin18?

If so which masks do you recommend?

Have you checked out their $1 or Freebies section(s)!

Click HERE to check some Masks!!


XOXOXO Christina


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