Mochi Squishy Kawaii Toys Review

These #mochisquishy #kawaii #animals are so cute!!
While these are fun to squish and would be awesome to collect.
I don’t think they are so good for young kiddos as my kids had these poor animals dirty and destroyed the day I got them.
I recommend these to anyone that collects toys like these and I might buy myself more just to collect for me (and hide from the kiddos). I collect little toys like these myself (which is why I was interested in them to begin with).
I think the coolest thing is that these can be fidget toys or decompression toys to charm soft stress reliever ,anxiety reducer (beats a plain stress ball right!).
What better way to de-stress than to squeeze and squish these little cuties!!
I spent the first half hour to hour I got them just looking at the cute details and squishing and squeezing them. They feel like a very squishy and soft silicone.
The set comes with 12 and I accidentally got 13 (but one of mine was messed up so it isn’t pictured) but they are all just so cute!! ❤
My favorite ones are the cats just laying on their backs and the polar bear that is planking!!
4 out of 5 stars for me.  #review #reviewer
Link to these cuties Click HERE

Which one do you think is the cutest?

❤️🌟I received this for a discount in exchange for an honest review good or bad, I was not compensated in exchange for this review. Above is just my personal experience and thoughts on this product ❤️🌟


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