Barnwood Picture Frame Set Review

These frames are so nice!!
These barnwood rustic frames are an affordable set that gives that rustic feeling to your photo while looking nicer than cheapo frames. These are 5×7 frames that can be used for tabletop (shown in photo) or to hang on the wall.
These are thick, great quality, and very cool rustic feel.
I definitely recommend these if you are looking for frames like these!!
Definite 5 out of 5 stars for these!!
I really LOVE the quality, the thickness, affordability, and the rustic feel of these frames!!
I have photos of my business in the frames so I can display in my shop or at shows!!
I LOVED that I was able to order these and not pay for shipping but instead was able to pick them up at the store closest to me!!
I would definitely recommend these frames if you are looking for ones like these!!…/2-Pack-5×7-inch-Barnwoo…/749950459

Set is pictured below in 2 different sets of lighting!!

❤🌟I received this for a discount or free in exchange for an honest review good or bad, I was not compensated in exchange for this review. Above is just my personal experience and thoughts on this product ❤🌟


Horse Mask Review

The last mask of the 3 I received to try (was supposed to be 4)
Got this mask from @skin18com@skin18com_usa
Here are my thoughts on it * I didn’t notice any scent
🌟 Horse 🏇 face which is fun
🌟 Awesome fit to my face 🌟Good amount of serum and some was left on my skin after to rub in afterward too 🌟wasn’t too messy when applying the mask just put it on and washed the serum off my hands’🌟 Anti-aging horse oil mask
🌟 Didn’t leave my face feeling sticky 🌟Stayed on well 🌟 Firmer mask (stiffer) on the top part where the ears are but didn’t bother me
Overall I like this mask 😁
Have you tried Skin18? If so which masks do you recommend? Have you checked out their $1 or Freebies section(s)! #skin18#skin18com #horsemask #animalmask#reviewer #facemask #masking#skin18challenge
#youtuber #geeksandbeauties#gbcommunity #ChristinaSanders#christinasandersyt


Panda Mask Review

Got this mask from @skin18com @skin18com_usa
Here are my thoughts on it * Has light scent (cannot place this one because I was sick but it wasn’t bad)
* Cute panda 🐼 face 😍😍
* Decent fit to my face (I just have a big nose lol) * Lots of serum so it was a little messy but not bad and had extra to soak/run into my skin when I was done with the mask * This mask is for whitening * Didn’t leave my face feeling sticky * Added mositure to my skin
Overall I love this mask 😁
That last photo is my youngest daughter putting it on her face TOO CUTE!! 🐼 🐼
Have you tried Skin18? If so which masks do you recommend? Have you checked out their $1 or Freebies section(s)! #skin18#skin18com #pandamask #animalmask#reviewer #facemask #masking#skin18challenge
#youtuber #geeksandbeauties#gbcommunity #ChristinaSanders#christinasandersyt