Lace T-Shirt Dress (with pockets) Review

What do you think of my new dress?

I wasn’t sure if I would like this dress, I was worried it would look like a potato sack on me but I think it looks great on me ❤️
It’s so beautiful, comfy, and has pockets (my first dress with pockets) ❤️
I am also wearing my new jewelry from Myisha’s Midwest Bling and Things ❤️

Here is the link to the dress too ❤️

I love the style of this dress, the color, and the beautiful trim detail ❤️
This dress is 5 stars for me 🌟🌟 

I also shared my thoughts about this dress and a few other things in my newest YouTube video of review.


I adore this dress and I definitely recommend it. It even comes in 4 different colors (I got the Navy Blue of course).

I even included their size chart so you can see the sizing (I got the X-Large).

I think this dress is so affordable, so beautiful, and I just LOVE it!!


❤🌟I received this for a discount in exchange for an honest review good or bad, I was not compensated in exchange for this review. Above is just my personal experience and thoughts on this product ❤🌟


Wireless Charger Review

This wireless charger is a good one too ❤️
This one has a longer cord (than the other one I have) which I really like because I use this one by my bed to charger my phone at night.
What I really like about having this wireless charger is that if my phone rings or the alarm goes off I can just grab my phone and I dont have to worry about unplugging or plugging the charger in.
This even lights up a purple/blue color when it is charging my phone ❤️
This one is 5 stars for me (like the other one) because I don’t have an issues with it.
It works awesome for my phone, I love that it is black and red, and I love the longer cord on this one ❤️
Link to this is…if you want to check it out ❤️
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❤️🌟I received this for a discount in exchange for an honest review good or bad, I was not compensated in exchange for this review. Above is just my personal experience and thoughts on this product ❤️🌟

Mochi Squishy Kawaii Toys Review

These #mochisquishy #kawaii #animals are so cute!!
While these are fun to squish and would be awesome to collect.
I don’t think they are so good for young kiddos as my kids had these poor animals dirty and destroyed the day I got them.
I recommend these to anyone that collects toys like these and I might buy myself more just to collect for me (and hide from the kiddos). I collect little toys like these myself (which is why I was interested in them to begin with).
I think the coolest thing is that these can be fidget toys or decompression toys to charm soft stress reliever ,anxiety reducer (beats a plain stress ball right!).
What better way to de-stress than to squeeze and squish these little cuties!!
I spent the first half hour to hour I got them just looking at the cute details and squishing and squeezing them. They feel like a very squishy and soft silicone.
The set comes with 12 and I accidentally got 13 (but one of mine was messed up so it isn’t pictured) but they are all just so cute!! ❤
My favorite ones are the cats just laying on their backs and the polar bear that is planking!!
4 out of 5 stars for me.  #review #reviewer
Link to these cuties Click HERE

Which one do you think is the cutest?

❤️🌟I received this for a discount in exchange for an honest review good or bad, I was not compensated in exchange for this review. Above is just my personal experience and thoughts on this product ❤️🌟

Pure Pink Clay Mask With Rice Enzyme Review

I  really like this #pinkclaymaskwithriceenzyme ❤️

I’ll post a picture with it on after the weekend (when I can and I will add it to this post and on my Instagram) ❤️
I like that this is a detoxifying mask that draws out toxins, impurities, and pollutants from your skin ❤️
This mask was easy to make (just add water and the powder together), easy to apply, want messy, was easy to take off (with a damp cloth), and didn’t irritate my skin at all 😁❤️
I’m excited to see long-term results of hopefully brightening my skin, tighten pores, and boost radiance 😁❤️
#facemask #mask #masking #pinkclaymask #riceenzymepowder #gentleexfoliationpowder
This mask is a can be used as a spot treatment, brighten + detoxify in only a few minutes, boost radiance and tightens pores, protect against damage caused by harmful pollutants, is 100% Natural, and never tested on animals.

How to use:

Use 2-3 times a week if you have oily to combination skin, or 1-2 times weekly if you have sensitive skin or dry skin.
Apply evenly to cleansed skin with a mask brush our your fingertips.
The mask will dry after approximately 10 minutes to let the mask dry completely.
Remove gently with warm water and pat dry using a soft clean towel.

😁❤️ Link to this product is Click HERE to see on Amazon


❤️🌟I received this for a discount in exchange for an honest review good or bad ❤️🌟

CacheAlaska – Slouchy Beanie Review

I am loving this @cachealaska dark grey beanie ❤️

I got it just in time for the freezing cold weather here in Kansas ❤️

The weather has been freezing cold so much so that we even just had a snow day from school for the kiddos.

I like how I can wear this as a slouchy beanie or folded up (both pictured) ❤️
What I like most is how universal this beanie can be because women and men can wear this and it will look awesome. This will work for everyone in my family (me, hubby, and the kiddos)!!
I defienitly suggest getting this one if you like the style and the multiuse of it; for example: 2 ways to wear it and anyone you know could wear this and still look stylish while keeping warm!

This beanie i 5 out of 5 stars for me because I have no issues with this beanie. Looks great, great quality, and works like it should keeping my head and ears warm while still looking stylish with my coat and clothing!

Keeps my head and ears nice and warm, looks stylish, and doesn’t break the bank ❤️ #cachealaska #beanie #alaskastyle #reviewer #review #christinasandersyt
❤️🌟I received this for a discount in exchange for an honest review good or bad ❤️🌟

Do you wear a beanie? If so what brand and what color is yours?
Click HERE to see on Amazon!!

XOXOXO Christina (FierceGlamMom)

Qi Certified Wireless Charger (with Anti-Slip Rubber) Review

I LOVE this wireless charger!!

I have it plugged into my computer and I just charge my phone whenever I am working on my computer (which I do a lot for youtube, facebook, etc.). I like that it lights up a blueish/purpleish color when it is charging my phone.

I also LOVE the grip circle that makes my phone feel like its gripped to the charger and doesn’t slip and slide (like some can do).

The cord is a little shorter but that works for me to charge with my computer but I wanted to mention it just in case. I recommend this one for sure of all the ones I own and have ever used this one is my number one!
The best part is when I need to rush out the door I can just grab my phone and go whereas with a charger plugged into my phone I would have to go to my room, unplug my phone carefully, and then had out. This charger helps me to keep my phone conveniently closer to me to charge, make and take phone calls, and be on the go faster without having to go get the phone out of my bedroom (as I have it plugged in at my desk in my living rom).

Great wireless charger, so affordable, and I LOVE it!!

Have you ever tried a wireless charger??
Click HERE to check this out on AMAZON

**Disclosure- I was sent this to share my experience good or bad with this product. Everything above is my personal experience with this product good or bad- I was not paid to review this item**


Auperwel Hair Removal Waxing Kit Review | I can wax at home??

So I ordered this Hair Removal Waxing Kit because my trimmer at home broke (*sad face*) but I really enjoy trying new things (*excited face*) so I thought I would try waxing at home.

I really love that this kit comes with everything you need to do it the moment it arrives! You get the wax warmer, instructions, 4 different kinds of hard wax beans to try, and sticks to apply the wax. I decided I wanted to get smaller sticks so I could do my eyebrows on camera (on my YouTube channel) to test this out and share my first experience so I bought 100 pack of small popsicle size craft sticks at the Dollar Tree as well.

The instructions were easy to follow

(here they are so you can see what directions I followed)

1. Put the appropriate amount of wax beans into the wax heater to melt.
2. Switch the temperature to MAX 185℉, wait 15-25 minutes for the hard wax to melt. Please use a spatula to stir wax to accelerate the melting. Note: Due to the Auto Shut-off Function, the Wax Heater will automatically stop heating when it reaches your setting temperature. Please wait for about 1-2 minutes and when the temperature is 15℉ lower than the setting temp, it will auto work again.
3. When all the wax beans have melted, please switch the temperature between 110℉-125℉, and keep the wax at a constant temperature.
4. Carefully apply a little-melted wax on your wrist to test for a suitable temperature, then apply a thick layer of wax to the required body area.
5. Unplug the power cord after the waxing was finished.

So once I tried it a couple of times I got used how to do it ( and the slight pain) and I did it about 10 more times (lol) to get my eyebrows cleaned up and looking like I wanted them too and I have to say I am so impressed with this kit!! Below are pictures of the kit contents and my before and after!!

I LOVE it, will be using it often to do my eyebrows, legs, and more. This is an AWESOME set and I give this 5/5 stars!! For the price and all you get, I think it is an AMAZING deal!!

Definitely, check this out if you are looking to save money by waxing at home because if I can do it you can for sure do it too!! (**Disclaimer** I got this at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion good or bad, I was not paid to review this product. Everything above is my opinion from my personal experience with this kit)

Click HERE to check out the wax kit on Amazon

Have you ever tried waxing at home or how much is it for you per visit to get waxing done?